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A Space in the Dark
Sisters with albums and train - 2007 - Click to enlarge
  Sisters with albums and train 2007
Oil on canvas
60 x 70 cm

When I was eleven years old I moved with my parents to London,
From a refugee camp in the north of England where we had lived
In huts made out of wood and felt covered in tar. We lived with my
Half-brother who was a photographer when I was fourteen my
Parents separated, about the same time I painted a self-portrait and
Made a decision to become a painter.

Each piece of work;
I have made myself.

I have made darkness,
I have made pain
I have made beehives.

I have made towers
That look over the sea.
I have made heads out
Of reverie and boats
Lined with dead fruit.

I have made a son out of
Memory and desire plus
Wood paint and wax.
A boy who makes and
Breaks spells.

I have made tables out of
Snow trees and sky.
I have made beds
With infinite precision.

I have made a dark red bird,
Dream of stories, by
Adding violet and ochre.

I have made the world small portable and embraced.
I have made a space in the dark quiet corner of my mind.

I have chewed paper and paint, making love cells and secret chambers
I have used matter and matrix animals and people-colour and texture
Paint and wax memory and desire.
I have made myself a space to live in.

Andrzej Jackowski

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