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1976 Edward Sage, 'Drawing Seen as an End in Themselves'. The Scotsman. 23 February
Cordelia Oliver, Exhibitions, The Guardian. 4 March
1978   Charles Spencer, 'One-man show is Full of Invention'. Surrey Daily Advertiser. 15 June
Jackowska Nicki, Introduction to the Exhibition Andrzej Jackowski, University of Surrey, June
1979   Judith Brooke, 'Paintings of Feeling and Energy', Surrey Daily Advertiser. 18 July
Glenn Sujo, 'Narrative Painting'. Art Monthly No. 30.
Timothy Hyman, Introduction to the Exhibition Narrative Painting, Arnolfini. September
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William Packer, 'Narratives and Illustrations'. The Financial Times. 18 September
1980   Adrian Searle, 'Narrative Painting'. Art Forum, February
William Feaver, 'The Liverpool Lottery'. The Observer. October
1981   William Feaver, '81 For the Road', Observer, 12 April
William Packer, 'The 3rd Tolly Cobbold'. The Financial Times. 14 April
Liz Lydiate, 'The Tolly Cobbold'. Artscribe. June
Timothy Hyman, 'A Vacuum Begins to be Filled'. The Arts Magazine, Autumn
Fenela Chrichton, 'The Gene Pool'. Art and Artist. September
1982   Paul Overy, Introduction to the Exhibition Inner Worlds, E.M. Flint Gallery. February
Paul Overy, 'Inner Worlds', Studio International. September
William Feaver, 'Party-Time Hysteria', The Observer. 19 September
Waldermar Januszczak, 'Andrzej Jackowski', The Guardian. 18 September
Monica Petzal, Selections and Reviews, Time Out. 24-30 September
Deanna Petherbridge, 'A Walk Through the Academy Gardens', Art Monthly. February
1983   Iain Biggs, 'Rediscovering the Body', Artscribe. February
Dale Harris, Kelly's True Heroes. The Guardian. 30 August
1984   Timothy Hyman, 'At the Lining of Things', Introduction to the Exhibition Andrzej Jackowski Paintings and Drawings 1982-83', Bluecoat Gallery. February
Roderick Bisson, Jackowski. Daily Post. 7 February
Irene McManus, 'Andrzej Jackowski'. The Guardian. 8 February
Trevor Coombs, 'Andrzej Jackowski', Arts Review. 17 February
William Feaver, 'The Sea, the Sea'. The Observer. 26 February
John Russell Taylor, 'Bloodshot View of the World'. The Times. 8 May
John Spurling, 'Time and Tide'. New Statesman. 11 May
Oswell Blakeston, 'Andrzej Jackowski'. Arts Review. 25 May
Jaynie Anderton, Introduction to the Exhibition The Image as Catalyst, Ashmolean Museum. September
Margaret Garlake, 'Roundup. Art Monthly. December
Norbert Lynton, Introduction to the Exhibition Human Interest, Corner House. October
1985   Timothy Hyman, Introduction to the Exhibition In Their Circumstances, Usher Gallery. June
Allistair Hicks, 'A Move to Cork Street'. The Spectator. 29 June
1986   Nigel Frank, 'Walking and Falling', Arts Review. 31 January
Michael Phillipson, 'Walking and Falling: A Labyrinth of Dreams. Artscribe. February
Norbert Lynton, Introduction to Marlborough Fine Art Exhibition Catalogue, September
Nigel Frank, 'Andrzej Jackowski'. Arts Review. 12 September
Allistair Hicks, 'Light in the Darkness'. The Spectator. 13 September
John Russell Taylor, 'Future Hopeful'. The Times. 22 September
William Feaver, 'Making it in Britain'. The Observer, 22 September
William Feaver, 'Jackowski'. Vogue. September
James Burr, 'Andrzej Jackowski'. Appolo. September
Max Wykes-Joyce, 'Andrzej Jackowski: Recent Paintings', Art and Artists. September
Paul Overy, 'Baltic Lyricism'. Studio International. Autumn
Mel Gooding, 'Andrzej Jackowski'. Art Monthly. October
Allistair Hicks, 'Young British Painters'. Antique. Winter
1987   Timothy Hyman, 'Mapping London's other Landscape'. Art International. Autumn
1988   Hugh Cumming, 'New Figurative Art: A Survey'. Art and Design. No. 9/10
Judith Higginns, 'Painted Dreams'. Art News. February
John Russell Taylor, 'Fine and Dandified', The Times. 29 March
Tessa Sidey, 'Object and Image'. Arts Review. 7 October
1989   Timothy Hyman, Interview With Andrzej Jackowski, Marlborough Fine Art Catalogue
William Packer, 'Dark Personal Gods and Icons', Financial Times. 21 February
John Russell Taylor, 'Deep in the Romantic', The Times. 23 February
Mary Rose Beaumont, 'Andrzej Jackowski'. Arts Review. 24 February
Giles Auty, 'Andrzej Jackowski', The Spectator. 25 February
Maureen Bloomfield, 'New British Painting'. Art News. March
Graham Hughes, 'New Galleries: Region', Arts Review. 24 March
Peter Fuller, 'New Renaissance?' Sunday Telegraph. 5 March
David Lovely, 'The Tree of Life', Arts Review. 7 April
Robert McDonald, Andrzej Jackowski', 20/20. May
William Feaver, 'Andrzej Jackowski'. Modern Painters. Spring
Merlin James, 'Being Resonable', London Magazine, June-July
Jaynie Anderton, 'At the Lining of Things', Castlefield Gallery Catalogue, July
John Halkes, 'The Tree of Life', Pulp. Summer
Philip Core, 'Root and Branch', Independent. 8 August
Peter Fuller, 'Careful With the Mud in the Morning Room', Sunday Telegraph, 26 November
Lesley Constable, 'Humanity Dominates Exhibit'. The Columbus Dispatch. 18 December
1990   Peter Fuller, 'Titian's Colours in Brave New Vision', The Sunday Telegraph. 29 April
Timothy Hyman, 'Holding the Tree', Resurgence, September-October
1991   Anthony O'Hear, 'Modern Painters', Modern Painters. Spring
Mary Rose Beaumont, 'Modern Painters', Appolo. June
'Floating man earns artist prestigious first prize', The Independent. 18 October
William Packer, 'The John Moores, Prized but not perfect', Financial Times. 19 October
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Tim Hilton, 'Painting from Never Neverland', The Guardian. 23 October
John McEven, 'Finger placed firmly on the creative pulse', Sunday Telegraph. 22 October
Geordie Grieg, 'Why Moore is less', The Sunday Times. 27 October
1992   Richard Kendall, 'The State of the Art', Appolo. January
Christine Battersby, 'A different view', Art and Design. March/April
Keith Patrick, 'Dreaming Earth', The Green Book. VIII 5
1994   William Feaver, 'Art lying dosso', Observer. October
John McEven, 'Reveries of Dispossession', Sunday Telegraph. 20 November
Robert McDonald, 'Andrzej Jackowski', Contemporary Art. Winter
1995   Mary Sara, 'Symbols that carry the essence of reality', Yorkshire Post. 23 January
1997   Royal Academy magazine. Summer
Richard Ingleby, 'Albums and Aliens', Independent. 21 June
'Review of reviews', This Week. 28 June
Norbert Lynton, 'Andrzej Jackowski', Modern Painters. Autumn
Allistair Hicks, 'Either/Or', Antigue/Interiors International. Winter
1998   Peter Abbs, 'The art of atonement', Resurgence. January/February
2000   Richard Ingleby, 'Undercurrents', The independent. 2 December
Brian Fallon, 'Cooking the World and putting it into Images', The Irish Times. 26 July
2001   Gabriel Josipovici, 'Cooking the Images: A conversation with Andrzej Jackowski', Modern Painters, Spring
2003 Sue Hubbard, 'Art for Sale'. The Independent. 15 April
2003 Andrew Lambirth, 'Memory and Reverie'. The Spectator. 19 April
2005 John McEwen, 'Haunting Melancholy'. The Spectator. 14 May

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